Quick Fire

18 Jun 2020

Filmed and edited by Leo Mongendre

FIT's french front-end bike godfather Florent Soulas did lockdown his own way... like riding a huge pile of gravel like a dirt jump. This guy has creativity flowing from him. Here's a super quick-fire dose from himself and friend/filmer Leo Mongendre. Look out for something a little more serious from these two soon.

"As you might have seen in the news, France recently lifted its lockdown measures that forbid anyone from leaving the house longer than an hour a day and further than a kilometer. Bicycle riding was not really permitted either, so needless to say that riding became a scarce and perilous business. There is nothing too fancy about it as it was completely unplanned, but even after knowing him for 15 years now, I never stop being amazed by his ability to find options no matter the spot (like dirt jumping and flipping a pile of gravel)." - Leo Mongendre