Flybikes In Malta

Stefan Lantschner, Sergio Layos, and Matt Roe

14 Mar 2015

Filmed and edited by Hugo Almeida

Stefan Lantschner, Sergio Layos, and Matt Roe take off to the island country of Malta for a good old fashioned BMX adventure. Of course a trip to Malta isn't complete without a session at the amazing Gozo natural transitions.

"Trips are an adventure and with a group of guys like this, it's guaranteed fun. Sergio Layos, Stefan Lantschner and Matt Roe headed to Malta, a small Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea with warm weather, old architecture and good food for a few days of spots and sights!

The riding spots were limited, but the natural trannies of Gozo were well worth the travel and there was endless good times that were had.

Thanks to Malta BMX for all the hospitality and good times." Quote from Flybikes on the trip taken from their microsite with loads of great photos from the trip.