Frenchy's Meeting - BCN

Dan Kruk, Dillon Lloyd, Jordan Godwin and More

20 Mar 2018

Filmed and edited by Romain Fel / Additional filming by Grant Castelluzzo

Each year Frenchys Distro get a bunch of the riders who represent their brands together for a meeting of sorts, and it just gets better and better - this time a stacked crew consisting of Dan Kruk (WTP), Dillon Lloyd (WTP / Eclat / Vans), Jordan Godwin (WTP / Eclat / etnies), Thomas Benedetti (WTP / Eclat), Roubin Bourhis (WTP / Eclat), Thomas Carrot, Edouard Carrot, Kilian Limousin, Sullyvan Gaincêtre, Ryoma Quenot (Odyssey), Erwan Perelman (WTP / Profile), Florian Barral (Sunday / Odyssey) and Emeric Michon (WTP / Eclat) spent a week in the worldwide mecca of riding/partying that is Barcelona. Don't miss this one!