Hot And Heavy DVD - Trailer 2 - Available Now

Nearly an hour of street captured in NJ, PA, TX, MA, NY, and TN

9 Jan 2018

Video by Josh Babu

Josh Babu's 'Hot And Heavy' DVD filmed in NJ, PA, TX, MA, NY, and TN is available now at Empire, featuring a massive list of riders below.  If you are looking for a copy of DIG 99.8 Empire has got those as well, so maybe place an order for both and you'll have yourself a new video and mag to enjoy by next weekend.

Riders featured in trailer:

Brett Tocco
Travis Loteck
Kris Kim
Andy Vandy
Adam Hough
Josh Babu 
Chadwick Davis
Darryl Tocco
Kenny Horton
Jon Combs
Zac Powell
Mat Hildebrand
Jeremie Infelise
Leo Furmansky
Rily Sander
Jake Petruchik
Tyler Owen
Ryan Cork
Charlie Crumlish
Blake Wright
Brett Webber
Ryan Lamont
Erick Probst
Dave Bass
Ever Peacock
Phil De Mattia
Matt Mazzone
Matt Mantas
Pat Schlitzer
Jonathan Schimpf
Steve Tassone
Chris Aceto
Chris Girouard
Jacob Conard
Shim Medrano
Jeremie Infelise
Michael Bowen
Evan Lane
Harrie Needham
Mike Elias
Jacob Campbell
Cody Cox
CJ Ramero
Blake Rumsy
Nick Vergillo
James Nutter
Andrew Quinlan
Marc Meeuwissen
Nick Maltese
Mike Allen
Adem Gunaydin
Jake Hunter
Jake Booher
Jimmy Hathaway
Alan Parker
J.D. Whitehead
Randy Mobley
Justin Oliver
Dave Raffa
Jamie Barnhart