In Memory: Denis "Mowgly" Darbeau

Remembering Mowgly

8 Dec 2017

Words by Jeremy Muller

Really sad news today from the French trails scene of the passing of Denis "Mowgly" Darbeau. A long term part of the scene there, he will be sorely missed, as good friend Jeremy Muller explains "Mowgly was a great guy, he was the man. A fantastic friend, deeply and quietly involved in the trails community as one true inspiration. He was amazing on his bike but not only. A great human as well who has left us with nothing but a painful void. He has been a great help with the whole Compression project, getting people involved and trustful. Never seeking fame, his will was to connect people with each other and his reward the good times spent with friends from anywhere. He had gathered so many guys in France thanks to his good will and natural kindness, and I know he was sincerely appreciated overseas too. He was the brightest person, a shining and responsible daddy hidden behind his smiling kid face."

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.