Jacob Hossack in TMVII

Another section from the best scene video of 2017

29 Oct 2017

Filmed by Alex Burnside and Cory Wiergowski

Jacob Hossack is all smiles in another section from what I'd say is the best scene video of 2017.  The Michigan Video made waves when it came out a few years back and Alex Burnside along with Cory Wiergowski worked hard to put out a worthy sequel.

"This is one of my personal favorite sections from the DVD. Jacob wasn't trying to film a video part, he was just hanging out with friends having fun. He's one of the most humble humans I've ever met and would have cared less if we filmed any of these clips. Grilling on the porch and camping trips to northern Michigan to star gaze with this guy are some of the best memories." - Cory Wiergowski

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Ryan Wert in TMVII

25 Oct 2017