Kink - One Hit Wednesday #3 Ft. Chad Osburn

Chad Osburn is nuts!

4 Mar 2015

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

This week Kink takes us back to their 'Squash It' DVD and a ridiculous loop by Chad Osburn in NorCal...

"We passed by this skatepark one morning while on a filming trip in Northern California for Squash It. Chad casually pulled up next to the van at a nearby traffic light and said something about wanting to loop the full pipe we had just passed. The skaters at the park weren't stoked that we were there, that is until they figured out what Chad wanted to try. A few run ups later and Chad charged it, the craziest thing we've ever seen. He actually loses contact with the pipe at around 11 o'clock, only to be miraculously caught and saved. Wild." - KINK

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