Kyle Hart - Metal Mondays Compilation 1

Heavy dose of weekly headbangers from Subrosa

28 Jul 2015

Edited by Bobby Kanode

Heavy dose of weekly headbangers courtesy of Kyle Hart, Subrosa, and BMX's favorite video camera in 2015 the iPhone. Follow @kylefart to keep up with the series as it continues.

"Subrosa pro Kyle Hart has been on a rampage since late last year with his signature Instagram weekly series, #metalmondays.

If you've ever met Kyle, you know that he is a man of his word. He told himself he'd make a solid 15 second video every week with his choice of what metal song makes him tick, and he has not missed a SINGLE week.

Follow him on Instagram if you aren't already - @kylefart
You won't be disappointed.

Music -
"Braindead Metalhead"
Lost Society
- Subrosa

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