Metal Pegs BMX - 'Open Call' Street Video

Bringing Over 20 Worldwide Crews Together

2 Jun 2017

Video by Metal Pegs

The Metal Pegs collective are constantly up to something and this time they've managed to align the stars and over 20 crews worldwide and piece together this awesome 25+ minute mix video. An awesome idea and as they say, "Where mi community, inna insta-era?" Well done fellas. Featuring Metal Pegs, Business BMX, Stephen Hamilton, Owain Clegg, Unknown Parasites, PLK, RHK Bodega, Horiegumi, MMMCrew, Artifacts, BS3, Time Vans, Shanky, Hucija Crew, Waller, PDSII, Ride On Athens, Richard Elliott, JD (World Deece), Rock Bay BMX, Taliban Tom, Murky, and Sad Lonely & Pegless.