Wild moves from the North

21 Dec 2020

Filmed and edited by Joel Fortin

Additional filming by: Mitchell Hubble, Cam Galbraith, Chijioke Okafo and Jake Morningstar

We've got an awesome one for you today! With the Canadian fall and winter transition in full effect, Vans Canada shredder Mike Gray, accompanied by filmer Joel Fortin, took to Toronto's streets to get some shit done before it was too late - any dry day was made the most of! Needless to say, Mike filmed some incredible clips for this, including his passion for rooftops and technical rail moves. The ender in this is bananas! There's even some guesties from 3 other Vans Canada riders to boot.

Big shout out to Vans Canada for supporting this project.

Mike is supported by DIG Partners: Vans Canada / Haro / Premium

SLC Haro

20 Nov 2020


3 Aug 2020