Monday Morning Just Got Great - UKRAINE BMX


30 Oct 2017

Video Secta

Filmed in Ukraine and including an array of drop offs, drop ins, grass landers and eastern bloc slams all set to an amazing mainly punk (The Casualties, Anti-Pasti, Richard Hell, Sex Pistols etc) soundtrack. If your Monday morning was starting off lame then maybe sit down and watch these guys. 


Mark Bakay, Dennis Joiner, Mirra Komar, Tiitus Ikola, Oleh Mitsnyak, Zak, Anton Litwin, Andrew Badman, Andrew Ustinovich, Uncle Victor, Anton Butter, Timmo Haapalainen, O33, Holko Joie, Valeriy Yesepchuk, Stas Makarchuk, Artur Linza, Riga, Kefir, Nosha, Matvey Kapnin, Willie Williamson

Urodi 5 Trailer

14 Aug 2015