Odyssey Electronical Full Video

Chase Hawk, Mike Aitken, Taj Mihelich, Gery Young, Jimmy Levan and all the crew back in 2008

16 Oct 2015

Video by Will Stroud

For some, 30 years ago might as well be the beginning of time in the BMX world. Odyssey is celebrating it's 30th birthday this year, and one of the most memorable milestones in the brand's history has to be their 'Electronical' DVD released in 2008. Watching the video now serves as a beautiful time capsule of the era, when DVD production was still in full swing and Odyssey was an early adopter on the HD front. With full sections from a hugely influential lineup that included Chase Hawk, Gary Young, and Aaron Ross with his neon bike, who all remain mainstays of the team, the ever timeless Mike Aitken, and Taj Mihelich, Jim Cielincki, and Jimmy Levan who were all in the twilights of their pro careers, the crew reads as a real who's who of BMX from that time period and beyond. Once you're finished, take a trip down memory lane with Will Stroud, Jim Cielencki and Mike Aitken as we remember Electronical in our latest feature...


29 Jun 2015