PARBMX Mixtape 2014

Ed Zunda, Janis Cunculis, and the rest of the PARBMX shop crew...

23 Nov 2014

Edited by Tom Silins.

The PARBMX mixtape features a cast of Latvian shredders including Ed Zunda, Janis Cunculis, Oskars Zajarskis, Kristaps Reimanis, Tom Silins, Janis Dreimanis, Marek Kuhalskis, Simonas Norkus, Deivydas Petravicius, and Rudolfs Veidemanis. Filmed in their native Latvia, along with Lithuania, Germany and the UK it's a solid video to finish out the year.

Untitled 2014 Mix

12 Feb 2015