Full Blast, Flat Out

24 Jan 2023

Video by Felix Prangenberg / Additional filming by Anton Arens & Angelo Kurtz

When a rider gets the stamp of approval from the Fast and Loose crew, you know you're in the presence of a transition great. Germany's Paul Thoelen is just that. We always enjoy seeing new footage from Paul, but this fresh 6 and a half minute visual feast with Felix Prangenberg behind the lens really hits the spot. Soundtrack on point also.

"As soon as Paul moved to Cologne it was clear to us that we needed to film a video part together. It didn’t work out as quick as we would have liked due to both of us traveling a lot but every time we were home at the same time we tried to go out on a filming mission. Being more used to filming and riding street it was such a breath of fresh air seeing Paul boost some quarter pipes or just shred anything else you put in front of him with ease. I feel like over the past 4 years or so he fully grew into his own style of riding and he blows my mind every time I see him ride. Thanks for trusting me with this project Paul!

Thanks to Vans, kunstform BMX Shop and TSG for supporting us with this project." - Felix & are Official DIG Partners