'Quaker State' Trailer - Ride PA BMX

Cameron Girvin, Atown Trash, The Yea, Jim Borio, and more

31 Jul 2015

Edited by Sam Downs

Ride PA BMX has a new video series coming out that looks to have brought together a ton of talented riders in Pennsylvania. Anything with The Yea and Atown Trash is right up our alley, and this trailer has certainly piqued our interest!

"The trailer for the upcoming Ride PA BMX web-series 'Quaker State' featuring sections from Cameron Girvin, Dustin & Chopper, Atown Trash, The Yea, 2Dodgy, Ride 4 Fist Bumps, Rail Junkies and Jim Borio." - Ride PA BMX

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20 Jul 2015