RIDE ON 2020 "The Things We've Seen"

Do what you love. While you can. When you can

27 May 2020

If you're an older rider who still rides regularly, but you're done with just seeing people posting pictures of old bikes on Facebook and complaining that BMX used to be better back in their day, then you're hopefully already a member of Ride On. If not, then get on it here, and check out their latest members edit meantime. Always a treat...

"5 years ago I started on online group called "Ride On BMX" for older dudes who still enjoy hurting themselves on 20 inch bicycles! It's a pretty niche concept so I though at a push we might get 400 members. Today we have 7000 members and counting who come from every corner of the world. Here are just a few of them showing that age really is just a number. I'm very proud to be part of this community. Do what you love. While you can. When you can." - Neil Waddington