Roy Van Kempen and Jason Eustathiou #SplitSeries

Federal's Split Series continues in Greece

1 Aug 2015

Filmed by Mike King Directed and edited by Richard Forne

Roy Van Kempen and Jason Eustathiou made their way to Greece for another awesome video in Federal's #SplitSeries featuring 7 pairs of riders filmed in various locations around the world. Roy and Jason's riding worked well together. Jason laced some brilliant tech tricks including one that's got to be an NBD; a fakie nollie ice to hard 180. Roy was no slouch himself, firing out his fair share of great stuff and sent a wild move down a kinked rail saved by the tip of his peg to close things out.

The first installment of #SplitSeries - Anthony Perrin and Smelko filmed by Rich Forne in Israel