Spanish BMX is alive and well

9 Apr 2020

Video by 24/7 Crew

Just under 20 minutes of prime Spanish street riding from the 24/7 Crew. Here's some background via Miki Fleck...

"25km away from Barcelona there is a crew in a town called Mollet. 24/7 BMX CREW is one of those crews that ride for fun and love for the homies. When I started riding this was the crew I always looked up to. They are older than me so I would respected them a lot. I would go to their beautiful park and this crew owned it. They would throw BBQ's anyone from the park could join in - it was always good vibes. Then they come to BCN and hit the streets really hard during the day and night time with all the homies from the city. We love hanging out with these amazing people! Now everyone has their own life and things to do, but they show that if you love going out with your homies and having a good time there isn't anything that can stop you doing it. THIS IS A REAL CREW." - Miki Fleck


6 Mar 2020

Jump the Gun

31 Mar 2020