The Curious Riding of Andy Maguire and Mario Alonso

Incorporating the element of surprise

4 Jul 2016

Filmed by Andy Maguire, Mario Alonso, Reed Zirjacks, Greg Micklas, and Murphdawg Edited by Andy Maguire

This video had me at the first 180 slider over the grass gap. Something a little different is always a treat, it's one thing to complain about everyone riding the same with 4 pegs and ledge tricks. But it's stepping it up and going out there and filming BMX how you want to see it. Andy Maguire and Mario Alonso kill it in here with some different and original tricks on some curious setups.

"I feel like Mario and I have completely different styles, but consistently try to incorporate the element of surprise into our riding. Whether it be riding a spot in a strange way, doing a weird trick, modifying (or not modifying) a spot, or just riding away from something where the viewer is most likely thinking "That guy did that?", our bikes have given us a means to let the underdog within us come out. Both of us got new bikes around the same time, so it only seemed fitting to cut loose the rest of the footage I had on my hard drive of our old whips. We are also driving a cross country tour of the US from July 9 - August 14th if anyone wants to meet up and ride; chances are, we'll be coming to a city near you! Thanks for watching."