The Last Offering From Horiegumi

13 Mar 2018

Video by Horiegumi

It's a sad day as it's official - Horiegumi is no longer. Unfortunately all good things come to an end at some point but thankfully they left us with an 11 minute belter filmed over the past five years. Don't worry though, you'll be see more from all these guys in various formats. Stay tuned to DIG for some exclusive content from Pegy and Daisuke soon.

"About 5 years ago, I met Yumi at Horie beach in Ehime-Prefecture, Japan.
From that day we rode and shred time all day. The secound year, Yumi said he wants to make a crew and thats the beginning of HORIEGUMI. When I saw his riding I had a big impact on me and got images and ideas for filming. So I bought a used TRV900 immediately and started filming at the beach side and the city of Ehime. And I had been making a lot of HORIVIDEOS. Now I moved to Tokyo with Yumi, and I made lots of videos as a video production for Alive, Fit, Merritt and Monster with Yumi, Pegy and OSO. Unfortunately Yumi has decided to leave HORIEGUMI. Because he wants to forcous riding as a professional rider and to do what best for himself. So we have decided to break up. I will going to start a new video project with Pegy and with our friend in all over the world." - Daisuke


20 Aug 2015

FIT - Yumi Tsukuda

26 Jun 2017