Three Advantages to the Profile ZCoaster with Dillon Leeper

Dillon demonstrates the advantages in Richmond, VA

1 Jun 2017

Video by Profile

With so many freecoasters available these days it can be hard to decide which one might be best for you.  Dillon Leeper helps remove a bit of that guesswork with this quick video demonstrating the three reasons he likes the Profile Zcoaster, showing off firsthand what sets it apart from the competition.

"While riding with Dillon Leeper in Richmond, we decided to do a quick video on what he feels are the three advantages to using the Profile ZCoaster.

Pedal pressure for:
1. Manual to 180's
2. Backward smith to reverts
3. Wall Slaps

The Profile ZCoaster is the best of both worlds...a freecoaster and a cassette.

As with all Profile Racing products, it is made right here in the USA." - Profile Racing