Vans BMX Presents: Live Fast - Part 2

Flat Out

10 Nov 2021

Filmed and edited by Chris Gregson

Stop what you're doing and watch the second in a three part series from Vans, Corey Walsh, Trey Jones, Jason Watts, Dennis Enarson, Gary Young, Kris Fox and Matt Cordova. All these dudes shred so hard and it's such a treat getting a whole video with all of them combined. Enjoy!

"Vans BMX Presents: Live Fast, the second installment of a three-part film series featuring Vans team riders Corey Walsh, Trey Jones, Jason Watts, Dennis Enarson and Gary Young, as well as Kris Fox and Matt Cordova from Fast and Loose BMX. Created in partnership with renowned filmer and editor Chris Gregson, Live Fast captures the free spirit of the tightknit crew in this latest compilation as they search out the best bowls, backyard pools and rideable terrain while visiting legendary spots like Ohio’s Skatopia. In part two, the team delivers high intensity, fast-paced park riding." - Vans


20 Jul 2021