Windowless Van - FREIGHTED

Zak Early hops in a van and hits 8 states along the East Coast...

3 Jan 2015

Filmed and Edited by Natty Graham.

Zak Early continues his Windowless Van series, and this time the travels take place along the East Coast. The van makes its way to South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire with Casey Smith, Colin Mackay, and Eric Lee sharing in the fun. In words of the man behind the video Natty Graham -

"The goal was simple; pack the van full of everything fun and use it. Live 7-10 days on the road with no solid plan and do whatever seemed to make sense at the time and have as much fun as possible doing it. No rehearsals, no second takes....only ideas and outcomes. Crashing on couches, eating at gas stations, drinking coffee by the gallon. Toured and taken under the wing by many people along the way."


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