PRODUCTIVITY: Alive Industry 2022

Forks and bars available now!

16 Sep 2022

Alive Window

ALIVE INDUSTRY available worldwide via


The first ever 4PC bars from ALIVE INDUSTRY.

"This type of 4PC bars which is welded like a 2PC bars has a flexible feeling when you have a strong impact like when you do drop off so it will save your wrist.

Another feature of these bars is that the back sweep is 12 degrees which is really rare for 4PC bars and will also be good for your wrists." - ALIVE INDUSTRY

Color: ED Black, CP


- Rise: 8.5"

- Wide: 27"

- Back Sweep: 12°

- Up Sweep: 5°

- Clamp: 22.2mm

- Weight: 909


"The best 2PC is now back in stock. The rise of 8.7" and width of 28.5" will fit perfectly for any riding style.The simplest street bars that you'll find." - ALIVE INDUSTRY

Color: ED Black, CP


- Rise: 8.7"

- Wide: 28.5"

- Back Sweep: 11°

- Up Sweep: 2°

- Clamp: 22.2mm

- Weight: 790g


The first ever tapered forks from ALIVE INDUSTRY.

"BRAVE Forks are the modern standard tapered forks with 28mm dropouts.The pipes are tapered but not too much - it almost looks like a straight fork that looks solid and clean. The dropouts have 28mm to make them not too short but also able to ride quick and to do tricks easily. The pipe end has a cut so most of the thick pegs like plastic pegs will also fit perfectly and up to 2.4" tires will also be able to be put on as the leg has enough space." - ALIVE INDUSTRY

Sticker designed by @publicdevice.

Laser printed brand concept word "Forever two wheels" on top of the top-bolt.

Color: ED Black, CP


- Cr-Mo 4130 All-Heat Treatment

- Top Bolt: A6061-T6 M24 x P1.5

- Steerer Length: 165mm

- Off Set: 28mm

- Dropouts: 5mm Thickness

- Fully CNC’d Steerer Tube

- ALIVE Logo Engraved Dropouts

- Fits 2.4" Tire

All products are now available for pre-order now and shipping will be in late September.

RODI will ship worldwide.