Trouser Legs and Metal Pegs

21 Apr 2020

Mudhut Bike Check

Photos by Fred Murray

Warrington, England to Glasgow, Scotland transplant and ultra nice guy Dan Banks isn't particular about what weather he rides in, but he sure is particular about his bike setup. Metal pegs or nothing! Peep his latest Wethepeople build below and look out in a couple weeks for a little project we got cooking with him.

Mudhut Bike Check 12

Sponsors: Wethepeople / Substance BMX

Age: 24

Height: 5'11 I think

Trouser leg circumference: Haha, I'd say an 87cm circumference is a good one to aim for.

Mudhut Bike Check 3
Mudhut Bike Check 4

Frame: Wethepeople Pathfinder 21"

Fork: Éclat Jordan Godwin Storm 20mm

Bars: Éclat Chocolate 9.25

Grips: Wethepeople Remote

Stem: Wethepeople Index

Seat: Substance BMX

Seat Post: Wethepeople Pivotal

Cranks: Wethepeople Logic

Sprocket: Wethepeople Pathfinder with Bashguard

Chain: SaltPlus Warlock

Rear Wheel: Wethepeople Helix Coaster Wheel with Dailygrind Hubguards

Front Wheel: Wethepeople Helix Front Wheel with Dailygrind Hubguards

Pegs: Wethepeople Toxic 4.25

Tires: Éclat Mirage 2.35

Mudhut Bike Check 6
Mudhut Bike Check 5
Mudhut Bike Check 8

Kicks: You can't go wrong with a good pair of VANS pros.

Modifications: I cut my bars down to 27" and sometimes cut the forks down (just depends on how the frame fits).

Oldest part: Probably the cranks.

Newest part: The frame.

Mudhut Bike Check 7
Mudhut Bike Check 15
Mudhut Bike Check 13

Describe your bike setup. A responsive grind machine that can still get loose in the air haha.

How long do you usually have a bike for? I'd say a year. Normally by then it's battered and bruised and needs some tlc.

Why metal pegs? They sound sick! But most importantly they 'grind' not 'slide' ;) It's like the SD HD debate. Both are great but there's just summat about metal pegs.

What ratio of dry to wet days do you think you bike goes out in? Because of the weather here it's mainly damp days. Hoping on summer to turn the ratio back round haha.

Top self-isolation tip? Stay safe if your out riding but if you can't get out then grad a pen and paper and get creative. It's good to keep that brain creative on and off the bike.

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Mudhut Bike Check 18
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