SNAPSHOTS - The US/THEM 'Salad Days' Video Premiere

Social lubrication in Colombus, Ohio

23 Aug 2022

Usthemsalad 69

Words and Photos by Blake Yard |

"I'd like to start this out by thanking Ryan Howard and Too Kold Arts for hosting us and the premier for a great weekend in Columbus. It was awesome to catch a session at the new Columbus park for a few hours in the morning with everyone who rolled in from all over the Midwest and catch up with old friends and plenty of new friends that would be enjoying burgers and dogs later on that evening.

Once the heat of Ohio started to fry everyone's brain a little bit we headed over to Too Kold Arts just a stone throw away. Not long after we showed up Howard showed up with coolers full of beer, mountain dew and cases of burgers and hot dogs to feed the hungry mouths. Moments later Zack Gerber and Johnny Bones arrived with grill and went right to work cooking for everyone. Meanwhile I spent some time inside Too Kold looking at all the supplies you could ever need to vandalize your hometown and a wall completely covered in photos from the last few years of filming “Salad Days”. Not long after everyone was fed and socially lubricated with beer and edibles, the sun started to set and Howard and Sampson Wells got the projector setup to show the video on the back wall. I'll leave everyone to view the video and decide whose parts were their favorite but I will say two things: Everyone knows how to use the spots they are riding to their full potential and Travis Collins & Bo Bowen had absolute standout parts in this chapter of Us/Them.

Shortly after the video ended a hefty crew of people rolled over to the nearest Waffle house to grab some breakfast fare as a night cap then head back to our resting places for the night(Again thanks Howard!) This video doesn't disappoint and if you haven't grabbed a copy of the Zine and DVD for your living room then hurry up and order yourself a taste of the midwest.

Howard would like to thank everyone for putting in the time and effort & for trusting the process over the last four years to see everything come together in one package." - Blake Yard

The US THEM crew consist of Ryan Howard, Felix Masionet, Jake Coulson, Devon Denham, Travis Collins, Jason Govan, Jasper Hardy, Bo Bowen and Zack Gerber.


Pick up you copy here or ask for it at your local BMX store.


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