SOSH Urban Motion 2017 - Win a Filming Trip to Paris!

Worldwide Wildcard Spots Up For Grabs

29 Jul 2017

Sosh Urban Motion 6

It's the sixth year of SOSH Urban Motion and each time the contest gets better and better. As with every year, teams of selected pro riders and filmers will hit the streets of Paris to shoot the best video they can in one week, all with nothing but a phone. However, this time around things are heating up with three wildcard spots available in Paris, one entry from France, one from Europe and one from anywhere worldwide. Anyone, anywhere can win this. If you want to get that trip to Paris, hit up your mates and get out there. Here's what you've got to do...

Sosh Entry Info

As expected the Pro line up is stacked with none other than Tyler Fernegel and Rich Forne, Bruno Hoffmann and Markus Wilke, Joris Coulomb and Romain Fel, and finally Julian Molina and Fernando Marmolejo. We couldn't be more psyched for our friend Julian to be added to this group! If you need any reminding of how good last year's Pro videos were, then watch them again below (videos in order of final result).

Go here to enter and fine out more:

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How to Enter:

1. Read the rules and choose your duo: 1 rider + 1 filmmaker

2. Register here through our registration form

3. Download here the Sosh Urban Motion intro video to insert at the beginning of your video

4. Download, at your choosing, music to use in your video here, or use music to which you have rights

5. Shoot with your preferred camera and edit a video (max 1 minute lengh). Post your video on one of your team’s Instagram accounts (the rider’s OR the filmmaker’s, not both) with the hashtag #mysoshurbanmotion and mention @sosh_FR

6. Follow all the contest news here with DIG

Good luck!

Sosh Urban Motion Hadrien Picard Dsc 4908

It's crazy how you can meet the worst and best people in the streets. Checking the clip with an old architect that worked 30 years ago on building this whole area. Photo by Hadrien Picard

Sosh Urban Motion Teddy Morellec La Clef 0036

Sosh Urban Motion 2016 winners : Peter Adam & Dennis Enarson. Photo by Teddy Morelle