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12 Feb 2019

Up Close And Personal - On The Road with Colony

From Newcastle to Melbourne and Everything In Between


Photos and words from Cooper Brownlee

We spent a week on the road with Alex Hiam, Josh Dove, Clint Millar, Jayden Fuller and Dean Anderson, riding some fun places between Newcastle and Melbourne, in the harsh Australian heat. It doesn't get much better than riding new spots with good friends. Enjoy some visual stimulus from our journey, some getting a bit closer than usual!

Dig Clnytrip2 V2

Tuck transfer from Alex Hiam at the new Charlestown park in Newcastle.

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Jayden Fuller pocket turndown at Northcote park in Melbourne.

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Textbook Clint Millar Canadian at the Slam Factory Jam.

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Dean Anderson was all over this setup.

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Jayden Fuller three euro over the upgraded Epping park spine in Melbourne.

Dig Clnytrip2

Morning session to kick off one of the last days in Melbourne, Alex Hiam really put on a show here.

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Crazy hot and no shade but Dean Anderson still managed to tip it over at the Bateau Bay park.

Dig Clnytrip16

Josh Dove can ride anything, nac on the last set.

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Pocket extension slider at Slam Factory from Jayden Fuller.

Dig Clnytrip20V2

You kind of have to have been to Brunswick bowl to understand how wild this 270 table transfer Alex Hiam did really is.

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Brunswick bowl and Josh Dove go hand in hand.

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We were trying to get the beach in the background for this whip photo, the shadow was an added bonus.


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