10 Reasons To Watch The New WETHEPEOPLE Video

From Max Gaertig to El Toro...

4 Mar 2017

Dill Foundation Bacrook Bars Low

By Fred Murray Images courtesy of WTP

We sat down and watched the new full length offering from WETHEPEOPLE titled ‘Foundation’. It’s WETHEPEOPLES third full length and its been 5 years since their last DVD ‘Anytime Now’. 

Cal Earnshaw had the task of running the show behind the lens and the team did not disappoint, pretty impressive to say this is Cal’s first ever full-length too. Here are 10 reasons you NEED to go get this video now.

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WETHEPEOPLE 'Foundation' Video Out Now!

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Max Gaertig, Jordan Godwin and an elderly lady. Not a reason to buy the video but a caption never the less.

1.     Max Gaertig

No German video is really complete without some mind-blowing half-cab whippery. Whilst long time DIG favourite Max is considered one of the veterans these days on the PRO team he does not hold back, keeps it fresh and drops some quality over quantity including a massive gap wallride down stairs.

2.     The Tech Opener.

Felix Prangenberg opens up the video with one of the most technical parts we’ve seen to date. 

3.     El Toro?

Yes El Toro is in there and yes Dan Kruk took it on.


This is not El Toro. You can probably tell. It is a bar to ice in BCN. Photo Paul Robinson

4.     Better Than Eyeball Quality

While a lot of videos tend to use mixed footage and it can sometimes let the overall quality drop unless everyone syncs up, Cal Earnshaw made sure that everything was on point and the filmers he did work with were using the same equipment. The result is a seamless cinematic experience for the viewer.

5.     Tuuuunes

Mogwai made the cut, The Charlton’s!? It works…and a good mix of old school hip hop makes the whole thing carry a feel good vibe.

6.     The Wild Buck

Although Dillon Lloyd broke his foot towards the end of filming for Foundation he managed to put out a solid burly part. His riding is the perfect mix of tech and burly and everything seems to be done with so much ease.

7.     Big E.U. Vibe

Besides Dan Kruks section the whole video is filmed in Europe, so there’s a real sense of atmosphere that reflects the brands heritage here and stands out from the crowd.

Mike Ko Rgb

Mike Curley after he got knocked out in Sicily. Photo Fooman.

8.     That Curly Crash...

We wont give too much away but we certainly were not expecting that.


Another good day back in BCN and another round of celebrations. Photos Paul Robinson


9.     Jordan Godwin

Were not sure that Jordan is really from Wales due to that raw talent on a bike. However we have to give credit to the country that made him. You have to see this section, it’s beyond good. A rising star.

10.    The Hard 360 Drinking Game.

You have to take a shot for every hard 360 you see. Try it. 

WETHEPEOPLE Foundation is available now for digital download for the price of $6. Purchase here or above.


Dillon Lloyd pegs alley oop and over 270 at a secondhand store spot in Leeds. Photo Paul Robinson