30 Years Of Hoffman Bikes - Pt 6: Seth Kimbrough

Seth had a blank canvas and no rules laid out in front of him.

14 Dec 2021

Seth Kimbrough Mat Hoffman 43Rd Birthday Tattoo 1024X579

Mat , Big Island and Seth. 43rd Birthday Tattoo!

Words by Brian Tunney - An exclusive extract from the 30 YEARS OF HOFFMAN BIKES zine.

Maybe the quietest part of Hoffman Bikes history, Seth started getting hooked up from HB in 1998. He was just 17, from Hartselle, Alabama, and made a big impression on Big Island. Seth’s hometown was not a huge BMX hub, so he improvised on a shitty ramp, as well as the many ledges and banks around him.

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And herein seems to be the undefined beauty in Seth’s evolution as a rider. Instead of going to the skatepark and riding with the pros, Seth had a blank canvas and no rules laid out in front of him. He was also unlimited in his scope of riding. He could hang on the tech front (brakeless g-turns over box jumps twenty years ago), and he could blast tables with the best of him.

Seth was also not seeking to become a BMX superstar. Understated on purpose, Seth would rather be out riding late into the night than attending video premieres or getting drunk with the bros. And 23 years later, he’s still a part of the Hoffman Bikes team, with multiple signature frames under his belt, including The Instrument, The Bama, and now, The Orrin.

Now just shy of his 40th birthday, Seth is still shredding on all forms of two wheels, and releasing ridiculous clips via Instagram. He also stayed at my house about ten years ago, and had to get up early to leave. I awoke and found that he had folded his blankets and straightened up, and my appreciation for Seth only increased. - BT

“Riding for Hoffman Bikes was always my dream. I never thought it would happen. I could not believe it. Those guys are such a blessing.” - Seth Kimbrough

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Matte Black, Indian Army


100% 4130 CRMO


Single butted down tube with internal gussets


4mm Thick heat-treated dropouts


Removable brake mounts and cable guides


Integrated head tube w/removable detangler tabs



Weight: 5.2


21”, 20.75 TT, 13” CS, 75° HT 71.° ST, 11.56” BBH