A quick-fire parts run-down

5 Oct 2023

Felix DSF0517 WEB

Photos courtesy of Fooman

When one of the best, and gnarliest, street riders on the planet puts his trust in a bike setup, you know it’s a solid purchase. Scroll down for a closer look at Felix Prangenberg’s signature Wethepeople Pathfinder frame decked out with quality eclat trinkets.

Felix DSF0528 WEB
Felix DSF0530 WEB
Felix DSF0531 WEB
Felix DSF0532 WEB
Felix DSF0534 WEB
Felix DSF0539 WEB

FRAME: Wtp pathfinder 21"

FORK: Eclat Storm fork 15mm

BAR: Wtp Pathfinder 9.6" 4 pc

STEM: Eclat Wave


GRIPS: Eclat Pulsar

SEAT: Eclat Complex Combo slim seat

CRANKS: Eclat Tibia XLT 160mm

SPROCKET: Wtp Pathfinder Sprocket

PEDALS: Eclat Centric

CHAIN: Eclat

TIRES: Eclat Creature Tires 2.40

RIMS: Eclat Crown Rims

FRONT HUB: Eclat Cortex

REAR HUB: Eclat Shift Freecaoster

PEGS: Wtp dill pickle

Felix DSF0540 WEB
Felix DSF0541 WEB
Felix DSF0542 WEB
Felix DSF0544 WEB
Felix DSF0538 WEB

Ask for ECLAT and WETHEPEOPLE at any of our DIG PARTNER STORES worldwide.