Creating Subculture - An Interview With Veesh

The Story Behind CULT's New AM Series

3 May 2018

Lil Juice 180 Whip Still

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AM riders are often overlooked in the sea of incredible Pro riders out there these days, but they're the most important talent to nurture. CULT has always been a believer in supporting their AM team from the ground up with projects like their 'Small Talk' series, and now Veesh, their man behind the lens, has cooked up another gem in the form of SUBCULTURE. Read on to find out more.

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What is the SUBCULTURE series all about?

I original thought of it as almost a travel show... I thought it'd be cool to show more then riding and try to give a taste of the riders personality and where they come from.

With Juice's video it turned out to be a tame vision of that, but as the series goes on I hope the we can shape it into something along those lines. Focusing on Am riders and try to help tell there story and make the a solid edit at the same time.

Which riders are you planning to feature?

As of now Andy Garcia, Anthony Panza, Preston Okert, Poor Homie Rich, Adam Accardi all have footage and just need a few more clips to warp it up. I'd like to continue to film more and more riders but working on the DVD "It's Later Than You Think" is definitely our priority right now. So in the mean time we can hopefully get of few more Subculture's out before then.

CULT has always been a strong supporter of their AM riders. Is this something that’s important to you? 

I'd say filming is filming. Filming a pro rider on Cult is chill because we're all friends and riding and filming is what we do. And then filming a AM rider is pretty similar because by the end of our fist day filming we're now friends and we're riding and film just like the pros (ha ha). The only main difference I see is the AM riders need a still leaning the ropes on how to film but we've all been there. I definitely thinks it's important to be there to help them grow.

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"Quit putting everything on Instagram." - Veesh

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"I think I just 360'd over a lady" - More Info

Are there any wild tales from filming that you’d like to share?

No wild tales but the video with Lil’ Juice was no easy one to make. He is constantly hurt with makes getting clips slow down quite a bit and when we were in Baton Rouge it rained everyday and was hot as hell (never go in July) Most of the clips we had to shoot I one day because of the weather.

That Lil’ Juice El Toro whip clip is now legendary. Is there a story behind any of his wild clips in the first of the SUBCULTURE series?

As for his ender... we were pedaling down town Long Beach and I tried to go past the Ian Morris gap before Juice could look at it. But someone pointed it out and Juice was down to try it. From what I remember it was the first day his foot felt good so in my mind we could come back and the end of the trip to not risk hurting it again  But Juice manned up and pulled it first try. Champ

What advice would you give to young riders coming through these days?

Quit putting everything on Instagram. Find a friend that films or learn to film yourself. Be influenced but don't bite. Make videos/edits with your friends. Respect the people who have paved the way to make BMX what it is. Move forward but don't forget the past. BMX is something special that we get to share with people all around the world. Keep filming and showcasing who you are and where you're from!

Lil Juice Switch Whip Still

"Respect the people who have paved the way to make BMX what it is." - Veesh