Soundtrack - David Grant Playlist

"this shit's good to chill to"

10 May 2015

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Words and Photo by Fred Murray

I'm bad at finding new music. I'm like an old man reading the same paper forever or only eating one kind of cereal for breakfast. Half stubborn, half ignorant to anything else. Thankfully I've got BSD's David Grant there to text message me with links to numerous audio delights. It's usually eclectic and always good. Here's a small collection of DBG's favourites, selected in the middle of the night in a Shanghai hotel during his standard insomnia ridden attempt at sleeping. In his own words, "this shit's good to chill to."


David Grant Mixtape

"this shit's good to chill to."

Candy - Goldenninjah

Fifty Grand - There is a long white avenue in my dreams you are walking down

Cat Soup - Rectigrade

Luminous - Velvet

Bones - Rampartrange

John Mellow - Clarity

Haircuts for Men - Rain Tears / Telephone

Wun Two - Wallace

Macintosh Robinson - 07. Come with me

Xavier Wulf & Bones - Chi no ame prod. Kodyak

Cat Soup & Drew The Architect - Strands

THC - GRiMM Doza

The MFK - Marcy man laheem - ahwannn prod. spacelee

Drew the Architect - We Searched High and Low

Chris Travis - You can tell

Lee Hazlewood - I just learned to run

B l a c k k r a y - SHORT 13 ONAH BLOCK