It's Official

9 Jun 2022

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Photos courtesy of Vans / Jeff Zielinski

The more eagle-eyed heads out there may have clocked this one already, but now it's official - Felix Prangenberg will be riding for VANS from here on, adding to an already massively stacked and talented team. Excited to see more from this pairing! We caught up with Felix to find out a bit more...

Big news! You’ve joined the Vans team!
Yes, I’m super hyped and thankful for the opportunity!

How did this come about?
I parted ways with my previous shoe sponsor end of 2021. Andy heard of it, hit me up and asked if we wanna meet up when I get back from the trip. So we did and he basically told me that I could ride for Vans if I’m interested. I obviously said yes and here we are!

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First off, which model have you got on your feet most of the time? Are you a hi/mid/low kinda guy? Slip-ons?
I’ve been wearing the Crockett Hi a lot. I’ve never really been able to wear high tops due to my previous shoe sponsors, so I’m extra hyped to be able to wear them now. Other than that I’ve been really into the Sk8-Hi BMX ones and the Grosso Mids. But I also like to ride in some Slip-ons every now and then! I’ve honestly been more than happy with all the shoes I rode so far!

How about the sole? Do you prefer to ride in the waffle or the Wafflecup BMX?
I think I prefer the Wafflecup BMX. I feel like it’s stiffer and I can take impacts better with them.

What is the most important feature of a shoe for you?
The look definitely comes first for me. The shoe really needs to have a good looking silhouette.

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What can we expect from you and Vans coming up? Will we be getting a welcome video part?
We’ve been taking it easy because I’ve got a few projects I’m working on right now. But we definitely talked about a couple things and are still trying to plan things out. I’m sure there’ll be a video coming sooner or later!

Anything else you’d like to add?
I want to thank Andy and everyone at Vans for the opportunity. Super excited for everything to come!

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