First Look: Ed Zunda's WTP Awake Line

A sneak peek

4 Aug 2015

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Photos by Ben McPherson Portrait photo by Paul Robinson

Ed Zunda has been killing it for years now and his powerful yet effortless style of riding is undeniably a pleasure to watch. If you've seen his section in Above Below i'm sure you'll testify to that. WeThePeople made the excellent decision last year to start working with Ed on a signature frame and line so we fired some questions his way to find out more.


You’re currently riding a prototype of your signature Awake frame from WeThePeople, how long have you been riding this thing? How’s it feeling?

I've been riding the first prototype for six months now and it feels amazing! The geometry is perfect for me and I’m really stoked on how the frame looks overall. I wanted something super strong yet responsive, and that’s exactly what the Awake frame is.

Tell us about what went into designing your frame, who was involved?

Dave Paterson was with me on my first WTP trip to Vienna last year and whilst on the trip he worked with me to find out exactly what I wanted in a signature frame. There were a lot of things to think about, so we then went back and forth with some drawings and design ideas until we had something I was super happy with. It was great being able to create something from scratch that I could really put my name to.

What important features did you really want in a frame? What makes the Awake frame the perfect match for your riding?

I like a shorter backend on a frame and a steep front end, so we went with a 13” chainstay and a 75.5 degree headtube. Those are the most important features for me and we got it right first go as I didn’t have to make any changes from my first sample. I wanted a clean looking frame that that was able to withstand some real abuse, so we used two gussets up front and thicker tubing on the stays and the down tube to prevent dents. We went with an 8.75” stand over height, which is a good medium I think, tall enough to feel like you’ve got something under you, but still easy to whip about. The great thing about the frame is the invest cast dropouts. They’re 7mm thick and the perfect size for pegs and a hub guard. I’m real picky with how the pegs and hub guard line up with the dropouts, but on the Awake frame it’s a perfect fit no matter where your wheel is sitting.


“I’m real picky with how the pegs and hub guard line up with the dropouts, but on the Awake frame it’s a perfect fit no matter where your wheel is sitting.” - Ed Zunda

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You're also running a pair of your signature WeThePeople cranks. Tell us more about those.

I had these prototypes for a while now and they've been holding up really well! A crank was one of the first product ideas I had when I got on the team as I’m super picky about them. It's a two-piece crank with one of the arms being directly welded onto the spindle. This makes the crank super light but most importantly insanely strong. The crank arm uses an oval shape, which makes them super good for crankarm grinds because you cant really dent the arm if it goes wrong. We also smoothed the area on the end of the spindle to make the crank cleaner so it’s friendly for the ankles. They will be available in 175 and 170mm sizes to suit everyone. Can’t wait to see other people riding them.

When will the Awake line be available?

The Awake frame and cranks will be available later this year from bike shops worldwide. Look out for a few other projects we have in the works later next year.

You’re currently at home in Riga where you hosted the Street Series jam. What was it like helping organise such a huge event on your home turf?

It was amazing! So many people came out; locals, people from foreign countries and the rest of the WTP team came with me too. We just had a good time all day long, couldn’t ask for a better day

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Well I’m off to the US next month for the second part of the WTP #GETINTHEVANTOUR which will be good fun. I’m also filming for my frame promo, which will drop when the frame is available. Aside form that just riding, travelling and trying to have a good time!

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Awake Frame Specs

Ez Zunda Signature Frame

Top tube lengths: 20.85” and 21.15"

Standover height: 8.75"

Head tube angle: 75.5 degrees

Seat tube angle: 70.5 degrees

Bottom bracket: 11.75"

Chainstay length: 13.25" (with 25-9) or 13" (slammed)

Butted Japanese seamless 4130 chromoly tubing

Thick 7mm full invest cast dropouts designed for perfect peg and hubguard fit.

Removable brake hardware and gyro mounts

Top and down tube gussets

Extra large tire clearance for 2.40" tires

S-bend chainstays

2.41kg (5.3lbs) – 21.15”

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Awake Cranks Specs

Ed Zunda signature Crank

Ultra-tough 2pc design

Full seamless japanese 4130 crmo tubing, liquid post heat-treated

Super hollow 22mm 4130 crmo butted spindle

170mm or 175mm

Oval dent resistant arm shape

Welded gusset on spindle boss for extra strength

RSD/LSD compatible

Flush Spindle bolt


"I first met Ed on freezing night outside the Park Inn hotel in Tallinn a few years ago whilst making the annual BMX pilgrimage to Simple Session. Greeting me with his famous Baltic charm and bottle of something that resembled pure Diesel, we spent the next few hours finishing off that bottle and exchanging BMX stories without even batting an eye to the madness that was going on outside the hotel lobby. What amazes me about Ed is his uncanny ability to stay level headed and in control no matter the setup, riding conditions, or hangover from the night before. Picking a name for a signature product is always the difficult part, but in this case, the 'Awake' line fitted Ed down to a tee." - Dave Paterson