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Hangin' with a new Canadian Beast

12 Dec 2014


Words and photos by Fred Murray

Leonardo Da Vinci said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' and I'd be inclined to agree, especially if big Leo was talking about BMX and Jordan Hango. This new Canadian Beast may not have a chest protector or a full face, but much like the original you'll find it hard to ignore this guy's riding... as those of you who've seen his section in 'Holy FIT' will testify. His riding makes everyone stop what they're doing and watch; a combination of sheer power and bike control in one friendly package. When I heard that Jordan would be joining his UK FIT counterparts on the recent trip to Lisbon, Portugal I was excited as from a photographer's point of view, it doesn't get much better trick-wise, and needless to say, he produced the goods. We decided so see what floats this guy's boat...


Casual as you like and clicked as fuck... maybe it's all that perfectly conditioned air? One foot X-up, Hango style...

How old are you?


What have you been doing all this time?

Just taking it easy. Enjoying life in Canada.

You work installing AC and heating right? How's that? Do you enjoy it?

Yeah, I service and install AC and heating systems. It's an awesome trade to have and I enjoy it for sure.

Is it true that if an AC unit is leaking and a drop falls in your eye you can get legionaries disease?

No, the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease needs to be inhaled into your lungs to affect you.

Did you ever think about trying to ride for a living, or is that not your kind of thing?

That was probably an idea when I was real young. Just seeing the X Games on TV and all that stuff. I don't mind working a job and riding in my spare time.

Favourite thing about being from Canada?

It's where I was born and grew up. I just dig it. 


Jordan had about €60 left on the last night of the FIT Lisbon trip and decided to buy the biggest pitcher of Mojito in Lisbon for the crew. Nice eh? Toboggan over the bench to water 180.

"I'm used to just riding however I feel whether there is a camera around or not." - JORDAN HANGO

If you were most similar to one of the Trailer Park Boys, who would it be?


Are you guys really the nicest people on earth?

I do know a lot of nice people from Canada...

You have been a loyal reader of DIG over the years. What is your favourite cover and why?

Jason Enns riding with his dog. It was a rad photo and sticks in my memory as being different from the norm.


Why do you like magazines so much?

The content seemed to be more memorable. Not to discredit typical web stuff, but there is just so much coming at you it gets saturated. The good, the bad and the ugly all blended as one.

I noticed you're not especially fussed about making sure you document everything you do riding-wise. Would you say that's how most riders used to be? Do you think it's something that has changed in the BMX mentality over the years?

I'm used to just riding however I feel whether there is a camera around or not. Having footage and photos is a cool thing though. I think the mentality of riders has not changed over the years, technology has just made it easier to document and share you riding with your friends, which is awesome.

You ride everything, but what is your favourite? Any particular place, spot, or park?

The Hastings bowl in Vancouver has my heart. It’s an amazing place with so many good speed lines.

Would you prefer to get a photo or a clip?

Impossible decision, both are enjoyable in their own ways.


Jordan has a heavy right foot...

"Everything has its place here, i wouldn't want some crazy butterfly effect shit happening" - JORDAN HANGO

I know your Holy FIT section blew a lot of people away, myself included. How long did you film for?

I filmed with Stew for a year and the oldest clip contributed from a friend is about 3 years old.

Do you enjoy that process or do you find it a task?

I like the process, just getting to see the end result of it all is very rewarding. The only scenario I can maybe see as being a task would be if you were obligated to go on a trip with some people you didn't enjoy being around. That's never happened to me though.

What would your perfect day consist of?

Getting to hang out with my friends and the people I love on a sunny day. With some BMX riding and beer in there somewhere.

Have you done much traveling before? What was your favourite place to visit and why?

I haven't done a ton of traveling. Europe is my favourite place so far; all kinds of different cultures all relatively close together.

What's the weirdest story you have been involved in? Anything crazy happen on your travels?

Nothing too crazy. Every country has its weirdos and freaks. Some drunk guy in a Romanian train station stood directly in front of us and shouted for a minute or two while showing off his pistol. We had no idea what he was saying and after a while he just moved down to the next group of people. All this is happening about 15 meters from a couple of police officers who didn't look bothered by the whole scene. 


No nonsense feeble with a two storey drop the other side...

If you could only do one of these tricks for the rest of your life, what would it be? Table, turndown or a one-foot Xup?

The tabletop for sure. That timeless feeling of laying the bike over.

You're a bit of an information database when it comes to mid-90's/early 2000's BMX videos. What do you think the most underrated video of that time is? Why?

Nowhere Fast. Its not even underrated, its just the best. Other favorites from the era would be Criminal Mischief, The Animal video, Forward, Blueprint and Albert St.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the whole world, alive or dead, who would it be and where? What would you talk about?

Lunch with my girlfriend at our spot in Vancouver. We would just talk about the normal everyday stuff that goes on.

You are left on a deserted island - what 3 items do you take with you?

Fishing rod, machette and a surfboard.

Last one - You can remove 3 things from the universe; what would they be?

Everything has its place here, I wouldn't want some crazy butterfly effect shit happening.


Jordan said it himself, the tabletop is his favourite of all positions to be in on a bike - "That timeless feeling of laying the bike over."


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