Matthias Dandois talks about his Vans 'MUSIC BOX' video

"After we would finish filming a line, he would pretty much make me do the tricks again so he could get really close with the mic."

31 Oct 2023

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Into and Interview by Brian Tunney - Photos by Pierre Blondel

BMX is primarily a visual experience, but recent experiments by Dakota Roche and Matthias Dandois are bridging the gap between the visual and auditory themes presented in riding. And it’s all coming down to tires and surfaces.

The onset of larger diameter tires has allowed for BMXers to create new avenues to slide, spin and even speed check. On a 1.75” tire, it doesn’t come so easy, but when you boost that diameter width, it opens up a new realm of BMX sounds that are pairing nicely with the even-better microphone technology on our phones and cameras.

For Matthias Dandois’ latest video, he teamed up with Vans filmer Alex Valentino to explore the sounds of fresh Odyssey tires spinning on grippy surfaces throughout the south of France. According to Matthias, “After we’d finish filming a line, Alex would pretty much make me do the tricks again so he could get really close with the mic.”

The end result is not only visually stunning - it’s a really incredible listen (which is a weird thing to say about a BMX video, I know). Here, Matthias dives into tire choices, PSI variations and favorite riding surfaces, all the things flatland riders tend to overthink before they even get out the door to ride.

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First off, what tires do you ride?

I ride the Odyssey Super Circuit in 2.3” width. It’s really grippy and super fast. They’re my favorite tires I’ve ever had.

How hard is it for you to adjust to different riding surfaces? And do you change your PSI at all?

In 22 years of riding flatland, I’ve ridden a lot of different spots! The one's I like the most are the super grippy one's: like road asphalt or OSB floor because you can push 100% on your tires. You’re not scared of losing that traction and crash bad. I hate slippery floors, it feels like riding on eggs and makes riding look like shit. Your body gets really tight cause you’re afraid of slipping. Some of the worst flatland crashes I’ve had were on slippery floors.

All the spots in this video were EXTRA grippy and you can hear my tires scream! I love it!

I only change my PSI when I ride street. I run 90-100 PSI when I ride flat and 70-80 PSI when I ride street. Doing gaps with 100 PSI in my tires would be a bit much to take for my old ass joints.

What is your favorite overall riding surface?

I think it’s OSB wood floor. It’s grippy and a bit bouncy so when you crash it doesn’t hurt as much. You can try your hardest stuff without being bothered by the quality of the floor.

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How did Alex capture the tire sounds so brilliantly in this video?

I’m pretty sure he used a good microphone! After we would finish filming a line, he would pretty much make me do the tricks again so he could get really close with the mic. It makes the video 10x better to watch!

Did you find it harder to ride at dusk for the video?

No, not really. It was insane riding during the thunderstorm, though. It was a big one!

What was your aim with filming 'Music Box'?

Honestly, spending some quality time with my friends in the south of France was the first aim. Making this project a good old BMX filming trip. Lately, I’ve done a lot of commercial projects and I can sometimes forget what the true essence of filming a BMX part is. I just wanted to make a beautiful video part, and make the process really fun. Nothing beats a few days in the south of France with your best friends. Thanks Vans for that!

Lastly, is this going to be a series?

I hope so! This is the second video I made with Alex and I already can’t wait to go back and film with him. Maybe Paris next?



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