Mike Hoder - That Trini Life

No tricks needed

15 Jun 2020

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Trini beaches are better than any riding spot that Hoder's ever seen in his life. How can you not agree?.

Words and photos by Rob Dolecki | Article originally published in DIG issue 99.99 December 2019

I’ve been a fan of the Caribbean region for years now. It first started when I was fortunate enough to make it to a few destinations like Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic (I actually put together a split article for DIG Issue 82 in 2011 after visiting both islands for the first time). Back in February of 2019, Mike Hoder, along with the NYC contingent of Joey Piazza, Tyrone Williams, and Charles Hearn, took a weeklong getaway to the Caribbean paradise of Trinidad and Tobago for an escape from Northwest and Northeast U.S. winter.

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Doesn’t get much better than this; no tricks needed. Mike Hoder, manny across the gate, Trinidad & Tobago.

“Trini” life was not much different than the other Caribbean islands I’ve been to- Beach life is always top priority. Plus heavy consumption of the traditional island cuisine of rotis and doubles, pre-Carnival festivities (we just missed out on the actual week-long wildness which goes on annually), and some riding of prime architecture made daily life a dream for a week. Joey was also filming for his long awaited upcoming AMPM full-length video (you can catch a little bit of some behind the scenes action in an “In The Cut” edit on DIG’s YouTube channel).

I can’t wait to see Hoder’s AMPM section; it’s going to be a classic. Prior to landing in Port Of Spain, Hoder was also a year in of being into very healthy regimen, which consisted of no drinking, minimal gluten, and eating a plant-based diet. And it showed. He was non-stop energy all day long, as well as on top of his game riding-wise. It’s not as though his trick list has expanded- that’s not really an important asset when you ride like Hoder. No tricks needed; the beautiful simplicity and straight burliness in what he does is all that is. - RD

“Hoder was a year in on a very healthy regimen, which consisted of no drinking, minimal gluten, and eating a plant-based diet. And it showed.”

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