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16 Sep 2016

Print Matters Schweppes Z9 A0531

Words and Photos by David Leep

What is Schweppes? Nick Ferreira’s latest zine featuring 28 black & white pages of photos, articles and choice nuggets from Nick & crew about things—and of course BMX.

You can pick up Schweppes over at for $5 instead of buying that 30ml bottle of vape juice. Get on it already! Here’s what Nick had to say about it.

Print Matters Schweppes Z9 A0523

What is Schweppes/tell us about the name?

Schweppes is a BMX zine I made from the past year's photos.  I'm fortunate to get to do a decent amount of traveling and always end up shooting some photos. I worked at a snail's pace on it this winter and released it at the 4Seasons Bowl Jam this past April (Shout out to Lil Jon and Dirty Dan). As far as the name goes, when I was in Austin this past winter one of my bud's got sick and my friend Matt Gaspar (northeast's funniest BMXer) quickly reminded me how weird it was that he always got Schweppes/ginger ale from his parents when he was sick.  "We just kept saying get that kid a Schweppes!" Schweppes=Sick.

What was the idea behind the 3 color variations and how many did you print?

There's no real rhyme or reason other than to signify the different print runs which is 50 for each color. The green was the first and sort of supposed to be a nod to the color of ginger ale label design.

Print Matters Schweppes Z9 A0503
Print Matters Schweppes Z9 A0507

In a world of Vlogs, Snapchats, short attention spans and vulgar over-sharing on social media, where do you think zines fit in?

Ha I think zines fit in quite nice. Honestly, the best part is the real life network created from sending them around. I'm all for social media—I think it is really great—but it's just fun to print something and have it exist sort of permanently. The best part is the network you create. I hear a lot of talk about how bad BMX is from grumpy old guys and while there are certainly annoying aspects of it- you can choose your own world. I keep meeting great people from BMX/making BMX zines and it just continues to snowball since the last zine I made, Holeshot.

Any plans on doing another one?

Sure. I’ll probably make another BMX zine again but I'll change the name. You'll notice Schweppes has "one and done" sprinkled throughout it. I'll probably never make another zine under the same name, a serial publication, ever again unless someone out there who has money wants to start a magazine. I think we can make it work. Hit me up :) Moeller - I'm looking at you...

Print Matters Schweppes Z9 A0552

I reckon Nick needs a Schweppes after this flatty.

“I’m all for social media—I think it is really great—but it's just fun to print something and have it exist sort of permanently.” - Nick Ferreira

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