PRODUCT DROP: Premium Trestle Cranks

Mike Gray's new signature part made for tackling the heftiest drops

2 Jun 2020

Premium Trestle 2 U0 A0740

Images courtesy of Premium BMX

Mike Gray is no stranger to serious drops so Premium (having recognised this) built an all new crank around exactly what his riding requires. It's the latest in a sweeping transformation of the brand that's seen it re-new it's interest in producing quality aftermarket parts. Scroll down to get the latest on their all new 'Trestle Crank'.

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The Trestle crank is built around 100% post-weld, heat-treated 4130 chromoly and a 24mm hollow heat-treated spindle. Heat treating, although adding an extra cost, makes your parts less likely to bend or break and it's clear to see Premium have made this of upmost importance. You never really want to stick a set of new cranks into an old BB, to avoid this Premium Included a Mid BB, crank removal tool, and all the hardware needed for a completely fresh drivetrain. A rounded spindle boss eliminates sharp edges where it matters avoiding that nasty ankle bite all of us dread. What's interesting about this product is that's only available in a 165mm length, it's a bold step in providing only what the rider wants instead of a bunch of different sizes. 165mm is becoming increasingly popular as folk look to get an ever more responsive bike. To top it off Premium are backing this product with a lifetime warranty, always a good purchase incentive for those who are the harshest on products.

Premium Trestle 2 U0 A0734
Premium Trestle 2 U0 A3625
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"When there's a will, there's a way. And when Mike Gray needed a crank that could hold up to massive roof drops and have the feel and responsiveness needed for the most technically mind blowing grind and manual combos in the game, Mike worked with our product team to develop a crank to meet those needs." - Premium

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The Trestle Cranks are available now via Premium's online store or ask for Premium at our DIG Partner stores: Source BMX | Kunstform | Lux BMX