Designed in Cologne. Made in Kyoto.

31 Jan 2024


Photos courtesy of Eclat BMX

Do you like a classic mid-school style stem with the versatility of a low-rise top load and front load in one? Do you like it to have that special touch like being machined in Kyoto, Japan? Look no further. We've just had a first look at the upcoming 1023 stem from eclat and this could be what you're after. The éclat 1023 stem will be in available in very limited quantities from éclat dealers this Spring/Summer. For all enquires please contact your local dealer or place a pre-order today via The Kingdom Store.

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"Designed in Cologne, Germany: CNC machined in Kyoto, Japan - the éclat 1023 Stem is a combination of classic mid-school styling and precision Japanese manufacturing. A throwback to stems of old but with new-school geometry and features. This limited-edition stem has all the appeal of a collector’s item whilst ticking off all the boxes of a clean and bombproof CNC stem.

The low-rise design and smooth underside allow you to ride the stem either as a low-rise top load (23mm) or flipped to achieve the same rise as a front load stem (10mm). Taller stack and wider faceplate create a firm and vice-like grip on your handlebars and fork steerer, keeping you steady when things get choppy.

Whether you keep it on the mantelpiece or bolt it up to your bike, the 1023 Stem is a very special éclat product to own and treasure." - eclat

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Yuma Ouchi by Yossy

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MATERIAL: 6061-T6 alloy, full cnc machined

COLOUR: Black, silver, hard anodized green

STEERER TUBE: 1 & 1/8" clamp-on

REACH: 48mm reach, top loader

RISE: 23mm (topload), 10mm (flipped)

STACK: 33mm

SIZE: 22.2mm clamping

WEIGHT: 345g (12.1oz : 0.75lbs)



• CNC machined in Kyoto, Japan

• Shorter 48mm reach

• Mid rise (23mm) top load stem

• Designed to be also run flipped (10mm) for a lower rise

• Large head 6mm hex bolts and wider faceplate for superior grip

• Classic aesthetics with mid-school throwback styling

• 1023 artwork engraving on both sides

• Taller 33m stack height for increased steerer tube clamping


Ask for ECLAT at any of our DIG PARTNER STORES worldwide.