REPO: The Gully Factory - Beardsley Banks Jam

It's not quite 115 degrees yet, so may as well throw a jam!

19 May 2015

joris coloumb oversmith iceover

French style cat Joris Coulomb has been coming to Arizona for a few years now, here he is on the way to an over smith to ice over.

Words and Video by Tony Malouf / Additional filming by Tammy McCarley & Josh Betley / Photos by Greg Moliterno

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TGF - Beardsley Banks Jam

Nearly 200 riders and a wicked hot day... - More Info

It's no question that the Beardsley banks are one of the most well known spots in the Phoenix scene. Locals threw a jam there in 2009 but no BMX events have been held since. So it seemed like the perfect location for our first jam of 2015. Nearly 200 riders, tons of prizes and one wicked hot day all contributed to make this one of the best Gully jams yet. Stay tuned at for more!

tammy mccarley footjam no hander

Tammy McCarley is always having a great time out on his bike, this day was no exception... Here's Tammy with a no handed foot jam to fakie!

dean watson no hander

Dean Watson lets the birds fly high into Arizona sky.

eric bahlman invert

When Eric Balhman isn't being the Tasmanian devil, he's still twisting up.

johnny ice toboggan

505 local Johnny Atencio takes a break from lacing crank arms on the flat rail to blast a toboggan on the hip.

joey calderone ds whip

Terrible One shedder Joey Calderone downside whips in some really colorful shorts.

smoking section

Lahsaan Kobza, Eric Bahlman and Johnny Atencio posted in close proximity to the smoking section.

josh elkin 270footwhip

Josh Elkin, 270 whip on the hip.

jeff wescott mutiny

Jeff Wescott offers up some Mutiny parts during a unique long jump contest. AZ local Dimitri James came through with the win.

josh betley trv

Arizona's funny man, Josh Betley holds down the gully TRV for the day.

austin auginbaugh 180tooth cab
product toss

Shadow team manager, Ryan Chadwick tosses some product to the sea of riders present at the jam.