Setups: Sam Jones

Sam's ALL Black BSD Jonesin' in Budapest

15 Oct 2023

Sam jones setups portrait 1

Photos & Interview: Wes McGrath

I had the chance to travel alongside Sam within the last few months and needless to say he's been killing it. From filming in Budapest to competing at the Battle of Hastings and back to filming in Barcelona... Sam has been all over the place lately and of course it's all in the name of BSD.

I caught up with him and took a closer look at his latest setup - brand new and fresh out of the box - while on one of his most recent trips to Budapest, Hungary.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 3

Sam's stealthy all-black beauty freshly built in Budapest.

Name: Sam Jones

Age: 31 (on Friday)

Sponsors / Crews: BSDFOREVER, Doomed Brand, Etnies, Skatepark Junction 4

Years riding: Too long

City born: Bury, England. UK.

Current city: Haslingden, UK.

Favorite city to visit: Has to be Barcelona, good vibes, spots, food and green cans.

What’s the best aspect of your new set-up?

I absolutely love the all black stealth look and think it’s been my favourite set up since I’ve been on BSD.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 10

Sam designed his new frame with a steep 76° head-tube angle to support his frontend trickery.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 24

He goes with the Levelled stem at 27mm tall, to keep a high stance over the frontend.

Frame: BSD Jonesin' - Flat black

Grips: BSD Dan Paley Slims

Bars: BSD ALVX 9.5 inch Rise

Stem: BSD Levelled Stem

Headset: BSD

Forks: BSD Jonesin - Flat black

Tires: BSD Donnastreets 2.3

Wheels / Hubs: BSD Carbon Rims laced to Revolution LHD on the rear and Street Pro on the front.

Pegs: BSD Rude Tubes XLT

Seat: BSD Jonesin'

Pedals: BSD Jonesin'

Cranks: BSD Substance Xl v2 165mm

Chain: BSD Half-link

Sprocket: BSD Jonesin'

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 11

Sam decides to go with Alex D’s new signature ALVX bars, a classic shape and only 28" wide and seen here in 9.5 inch rise.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 15

A new version of Sam's signature fat seat. Made with a houndstooth top panel and tough Kevlar bumpers. Comes in grey too.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 7

Built with a short 12.7-13.2" rear end and a 8.9” standover. Integrating BSD's new superscoop chainstay tubing for added tire clearance.

How long have you had this signature Jonesin’ frame with BSD and is there any changes to the latest version?

I think it’s coming up to 4 years now, and I haven’t changed a thing apart from the colours. Think we got it bang on first T.

What other signature parts do you have with BSD?

Frame, forks, seat, pedals and sprocket. Very lucky!

How did you come up with the decals and designs for your signature line?

To be honest, I said a few words to Dave and he whipped them up and exceeded all my expectations.

Are you a fully 100% BSD rider or do you get support from any other brands?


Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 12

Put a plastic guard from the Barrier sprocket and a classic look solid chainring and you get the new Jonesin’ sprocket. Only available in 25t.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 23

Utilizing different logos on each face to help when choosing your grind side as well as true dual concave design, knurled surface for extra grip, 18 optimally placed hexagonal pins per side.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 20

The revolutionary "Revolution" hub is truly a piece of engineering gold. Make sure to click on the link to fully read into what this hub can do.

It’s that busy time of year again with contests back-to-back in Europe; can you tell us what you have you been up to lately?

Just been in between filming with BSD and Doomed, doing bits!

How did you enjoy Budapest? Was this trip your first time in Hungary and would you go back?

First time in Hungary yes, but can say it won’t be my last. I would love to go back without the bike and take the city in. There is a lot of History there and would like to know more about it.

You are currently in Hastings, England for the Battle of Hastings… Can you tell us how that is going?


Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 17

This drive side hub-guard for the BSD Revolution rear hub, matched with the Dan Paley Rude Tube XL plastic peg is a slick combination.

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 18

Smooth centre for low rolling resistance. Extra grippy & super squeaky compound. Tear resistant silkworm casing. Max psi up to 110.

Those new Carbon rims are sweet; can you tell us more about them?

I was very skeptical about trying carbon rims, unsure why that was, but I think they work amazingly. Can definitely feel the difference when spinning, whipping and flicking, everything just comes around a lot faster. Something to do with the rotational weight but I’ll leave that explanation to the experts!

Sam Jones 2023 digmx setups 5

We'd say more about the Carbon rim, but in the words of Grant Smith, "...its just that they're not out yet. Coming Soonish!"

I hear rumors of some new BSD footage on the horizon, can you give us some insight?

Yup, a team video is in the works, and I am privileged to have witnessed the madness the boys have cooked up!

Anything else planned for you the rest of the year, personally or with BSD?

Finishing up my part with BSD video, and then start a Jonesin BSD video in the new year, and carrying on filming for the next Doomed DVD. Also getting a new kitten, Spaghetti!

Any last words?

Yup! I really appreciate everyone that has supported me and helped me out, or even just given me some kind words over the years! To all my sponsors that keep me rolling and motivated to keep pushing it. BSD, DOOMED, Etnies, Junction 4, I f***ing love you!

Sam Jones is supported by these official DIG sponsors : BSD Forever and Etnies.