Sean Burns and the True Story behind 'The Strongest Man' movie trailer

He would stuff banana peels and newspapers into his tires and attempt to fakie wall ride...

17 Jun 2015


Words by Sean Burns

Robert ‘MEATBALL’ Lorie stars as "Beef" in the new Sundance Film Festival movie titled The Strongest Man. I met MeatBall in the early 2000's in Boston where he was studying and pole-vaulting at Tufts University. I Immediately became obsessed over his character. His favorite trick was a 'Gary Ellis' where he would pedal full speed and do a 90 hop, tip over and roll like a meatball. Still to this day he has done the highest wall rides bunny hopped from flat that I have ever seen; full speed and straight at walls. When flat tires occurred he would rummage through garbage cans on Boston streets.... and then would stuff banana peels and newspapers into his tires and attempt to fakie wall ride and yet could still manage to bunny hop well over bar height. Since then he has been living back home in Miami, Florida working construction.

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I lost contact with Meatball some time in 2007. I remember him telling me that he had some big plans and If I can remember correctly it was about making a film. It's now eight years later and my mind is blown. BMX truly never lacks characters and a lot of them are hidden within this weird planet with no ties to social media or the public eye. Meatball is by far one of the most unique riders that I have had the honor of knowing and riding with. The trailer to The Strongest Man appear's to be a nearly exact representation of Meatball's life. The clip of him running straight through walls very much describes his style of riding too. Meatball was originally involved with the Bone Deth Deadman Team in 2006 and we're hyped to see the weirdness this film has to offer from a BMX New England/Miami legend. Give this movie a watch when it becomes available. If you don't find Meatball entertaining then you might not be a real BMXer... -SB

The Strongest Man will be at movie theatres and on itunes from June 26th 2015.


'The Strongest Man' Movie Trailer

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