With an Eclat cherry on top

13 Mar 2023


Photos by Pat Freyne

If you've been paying attention recently, you would have seen that Eclat signed up some fresh blood in the form of super talented riders Jordan Richardson and Cody Nemeth AKA High Desert. If you're not familiar with these two guys then make sure you go watch them in the new GUTTER video, and then check Cody's updated ride below.


FRAME: cult dak 21.25

FORK: Cult Sect fork

BAR: Cult Dak 9.5

STEM: Cult Dak


GRIPS: Cult Ricany

SEAT: Cult Hemp seat

POST: Cult pivotal

CRANKS: eclat spire

SPROCKET: eclat elevate guard

PEDALS: eclat centric

CHAIN: Cult halflink

TIRES: Cult / Vans wafflecup

RIMS: eclat E440

FRONT HUB: eclat cortex

REAR HUB: eclat shift freecoaster

PEGS: eclat venom 4.5


If you could describe your bike in three words, what would they be?

I would say my bike is planted, smooth, and responsive.

Which parts on your bike are you most specific about?

Probably grips, there is only a handful of grips that I can run without my hands slipping when they sweat. Especially in humid conditions.

What is one thing you do to set up a bike which you have to do on every bike?

It sounds silly but I like having valve caps on my bikes, because the black just smooths the look out and you don’t have to see the copper color of the threads on the stem. I also try to keep most logos together, for example having the tire logo lined up with the rim sticker.


What part do you wear through the quickest?

Honestly, I wouldn’t know, I rotate my pegs and don’t do many pedal grinds. But if I had to choose something to replace first it would be my pedals, I can’t stand a pair of worn out pedals with no grip.

If you were dropped on a desert island and you could only take three bike parts with you to survive, what would you take and how would you use them?

I mean I probably wouldn’t need any - I could just eat dirt the whole time since I already thrive in the desert. Just kidding, first I’d take a set of steel pegs, because I feel like you could use them as a spark if you hit them together. Second I’d choose a chain because maybe you could use it as a hand driven chain saw to cut smaller trees town for shelter. And third it would be a fork, id sharpen them on the drop out with a rock or something and use it as a spear to hunt and catch food with. I chose these because they are more or less smaller and would be easy to travel with.



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