"Anything past 9" bars is like pushing a shopping cart." Setups - Corey Walsh

New Cult frame, new promo, same roasting...

26 Aug 2019

2019 Walsh Setups 19

Photos by Rob Dolecki

Corey Walsh's new Cult signature frame has just been released, so we caught up with him while he was in Mexico last week for the Vans Pro Cup, and we got the lowdown on his transition-killing machine. FYI- Corey just built up a black frame a few days ago before heading to the UK, but it's essentially still the same bike.

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Full roast on the spades of Puebla.

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Name: Corey Walsh

Sponsors: Cult, Vans, Ryder Distribution, Fast & Loose

Age: 24

Weight: 165 lbs

Frame: Cult Walsh signature, 21” TT

Fork: Cult ICC 32mm

Bars: Cult Dak 8.85”

Grips: Cult Ricany

Stem: Cult top load

Seat: Cult Slim

Seat Post: Cult

Cranks: Cult Hawk175mm

Sprocket: Cult American made, found in the warehouse, 30 T

Pedals: Odyssey Dugan right now, but something is in the works.

Chain:Cult half-link

Rear Wheel: Cult Mix V2 cassette, female axle

Front Wheel: Cult

Pegs: invisible, pool coping friendly

Tires: Cult AK, 2.5

Weight of bike: No idea.

Kicks: Vans Perazas

Modifications: Cut the bars to 27.5” wide

Oldest part: Sprocket, one year.

Newest part: Frame

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Why crank length?

It’s normal; I’m never going to change it.

Why top tube length?

I can’t go past 21”; it’s the perfect medium between riding pools and pulling back on a quarter.

Describe your personal bike setup.

Pegless, a little bit of height on my seat, top load stem, I don’t keep it anywhere past 9” bars- anything past that is like pushing a shopping cart.

Describe the contents of your personal bike tool bag.

One 17mm wrench. I had to borrow tools on this trip. (Laughter)

What part do you wear through the quickest?


Do you patch flat tires or get new tubes?

I get new tubes, because I case so much I get snakebites.

Where do your parts go when you’re done with them?

The homies. I live in my van, so I don’t have a lot of space.

Would you ever run freecoaster?

Absolutely not, because they’ll kill you if you bitch-crank.

Left side drive or right side drive?

Right side.

How long do you usually have a bike for?

Six months.

Plastic pedals or metal?

Metals, because plastic is too slippery and I never want to blow a foot off, ever.

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What’s the story with your frame?

Robbie and Neal asked me what I wanted in a bike. This frame has a lower bottom bracket high at 11.5. Rear end is way longer, but a happy medium. The frame is available now with the release of the promo.

The promo came out sick.

It was based around two trips. The transition side was based around a Vancouver trip with me, Chase and Foley. We spent a week at my buddy Spencer McFarland’s house with all his roommates, like Riley, Kyle and Jay. We hung out, partied and rode bikes.

How was it hosting your teammates in your local city?

It was pretty cool. It was crazy to see Dan and Chase ride the parks we get to ride every day; it was an honor. We got to show them what we get to experience every day.

Veesh fired out that whole thing in a month.

Veesh is an absolute weapon. He’s on a new level of putting stuff together; he’s got an eye for it.

What was your favorite clip in there?

Foley’s table and can in the pool. That pool is gnarly. Me and my friend Josh found it. We don’t get those very often.

Where do you like riding these days?

Hastings as much as I can, and everywhere I’ve been traveling and knocking off the bucket list spots.

Plans for the rest of 2019? Travel, ride some sick shit, hang out with friends, and make more memories.

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Pre-game volcano whip in Mexico City.

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