The Dank Banks-mobile up close

8 Feb 2023

Mudhut Bike check 1

Photos by Fooman and Fred Murray

Dan Banks, AKA Mudhut, AKA Dank Banks, has had a busy old time over the past year. Not only did he bag himself a Wethepeople, tea and disco inspired siggy seat, but he also got his own signature colourway of the Wethepeople Trigger frame as well. We popped our specs on for a closer look at his current ride, along with a quick interview with the Dan himself. Look out for this dude in 2023, he's coming for ya.

Dan play bank tuck

FRAME: Wethepeople Trigger 21” – Dan Banks signature colourway

FORK: Wethepeople Battleship 24mm

BAR: Wethepeople Pathfinder 4pc 9.6”

STEM: Wethepeople Logic FL Stem

HEADSET: Wethepeople Compact

GRIPS: Wethepeople Remote

SEAT: Wethepeople Dan Banks Pivotal

POST: Wethepeople Pivotal 230mm

CRANKS: Wethepeople Logic 160mm

SPROCKET: Wethepeople Pathfinder 28t, w/ custom half/bash

PEDALS: Eclat Centric

CHAIN: Wethepeople Demand

TIRES: Wethepeople Activate 2.40” 100psi

RIMS: Wethepeople Logic

FRONT HUB: Wethepeople Supreme

REAR HUB: Wethepeople Hybrid Freecoaster, w eclat Crmo guards

PEGS: Wethepeople Toxic 4.5”

Mudhut Bike check 18
Mudhut Bike check 15
Mudhut Bike check 5
Mudhut Bike check 6
Mudhut Bike check 13

How’s life been treating you so far in 2023? Any news?

Life’s been good man! Been trying to survive in these bleak Scottish winters. Been able to get out filming here and there with the procedure crew which is always nice. Winter procedure 2 in the works. No major news though.

You’re still on that hybrid freecoaster game. How often do you engage coaster mode? How do you like it?

I’ve recently gone back to riding cassette full time. I dabble my toes back into the coaster life but cassette just feels right. I still back the hybrid hub. Deffo the best coaster I’ve ever ran!

Siggy seat… which colourway have you stuck with, or do you flip between both?

I’m currently running the black one. If I had to have one for the rest of my life it would probably be the black one though. It just works with any other colour that goes on my bike. I do switch it up to the disco version because I think it’s sick! It goes well with my trigger colourway too. Hint hint, haha.

Mudhut Bike check 2
Mudhut Bike check 4
Dan waiting
Mudhut Bike check 19
Mudhut Bike check 21

What part do you wear through the quickest?

I’d probably say grips or pedals. I’m always falling off so my grips rip before they actually wear down. Depending on how many crank arm grinds I do will depend on how often I need new pedals too.

Is steel always real? Or do you think you’ll ever go plastic fantastic?

Steel will forever be real. I would never go full plastic but I’d maybe have one in the bag for that one ledge that can’t be beaten into submission with the old steels. Plastic pegs just sound terrible! Part of the fun in riding bmx is just causing noise when you’re cruising down the street, haha.

If you could describe your bike in three words, what would they be?

Brick Shit House! I don’t even know if that’s a good thing or not. Remember proper had a frame with that name. That’s always stuck with me.

Mudhut Bike check 23
Mudhut Bike check 22
Mudhut Bike check 25
Mudhut Bike check 27
Mudhut Bike check 14
Mudhut Bike check 33

Any trips planned for this year?

I’m working on it! Got a couple plans to try and get stateside so fingers crossed I’ll be bursting onto American soil soon. Hopefully Cali and NYC so Brace yourselves. I’m also off to Morocco in March with the procedure squad. That’s gonna be a sick one for sure! I’m really trying to get out riding in as many places as I can this year so who knows what else could be on the cards but I’m certainly working on it.

If you were dropped on a desert island and you could only take three bike parts with you to survive, what would you take and how would you use them?

Definitely a sprocket! That thing is basically a saw so I could either kill prey or chop wood to build a shelter. An inner tube. I could try and build some sort of raft with it in the hope of escaping this place I’ve found myself on. Finally my signature seat, haha. It could be an ok pillow and if I die on the island at least they could find out who I was based off the stuff left behind. A bleak end but it is what it is.

Will we ever get another one of your legendary product videos? The people have spoken.

I’m down! I really want to do a video testing that Swampmaster bike that Wethepeople have built. Give it a proper good BMX style test, haha. See what it’s really made of.

How’s the spectacle situation? Did you have any breakages last year?

I actually did break a pair just before then end of the year. I was due an eye test so it worked out in my favour. Now I’m sitting pretty with two new pairs, haha. Would love a glasses sponsor though. Save me a couple pennies here and there.

Dan Curb cut bar over gate


2 Z7 A7448

“Here at Wethepeople, we have always respected the work ethic and productivity of our am team. Some of the most dynamic and heavy up-and-comers in the game, we wanted to work with the future of our brand on a totally new frame concept that mixes adaptive geometry and tougher materials to make a super durable frame designed to fit any rider out there. The Trigger frame features geometry that changes as the top tube length increases allowing the rider to be on a frame that suits them down to a tee. We wanted to reward a selection of our am team with their very own signature colorways in the same frame size they ride so the Trigger frame will be available in colourways for Stephan Atencio (20.5"), Riley Smith (20.75") and Dan Banks (21"). The smooth bottom bracket shell helps reduce drag or hang-ups on grinds, and the unique offset machined headtube allows for stronger junction and cleaner tube fitment where you need it the most.” - Wethepeople

2 Z7 A7452
2 Z7 A7456
2 Z7 A7459
2 Z7 A7454
2 Z7 A7464

Tubing: Butted, Japanese seamless 4130 crmo tubing

Bottom Bracket: 74mm mid size, cnc machined and heat-treated

Head Tube: 127mm, offset cnc machined and heat-treated, integ. H/set

Dropouts: laser cut and cnc machined 6mm, heat-treated 4130 crmo, w/ chain tensioner bolt perfect shape for pegs and hub guards

Brakes: brakeless frame

Special Features:

• Super durable street frame designed with WTP AM team

• Adaptive geometry (longer chain stays and higher standover as toptube length increases)

• Offset machined head tube for improved tube fitment and strength

• Signature colourways for am team riders

• Extra-thick plain gauge tubing for dent resistance and overall durability

• 127mm tall head tube for less spacers with an uncut fork

• Steeper 75.75° head tube

• Larger 1.8mm welding at head tube

• Wider rear triangle allows clearance for a 2.4" tire

• WTP top tube and down tube gusset

• Investment cast seat clamp

• Includes lifetime guarantee

2 Z7 A7478


Top Tube length: 20.5', 20.75", 21" or 21.25"

Chain Stay length: 12.7" - 13" (20.5" & 20.75"), 12.95" - 13" (21"), 13.2" - 13.5" (21.25")

Head Tube angle: 75.75°

Seat Tube angle: 71°

BB Height: 11.7"

Standover Height: 8.75" (20.5"), 9"(20.75"), 9.3" (21"), 9.6"(21.25")


ED Black (20.5”/20.75”/21”/21.25”)

Matt Trans Red (Stephan Atencio 20.5")

Matt Tan (Riley Smith 20.75")

Matt Navy (dan banks 21")

Weight: 2.37kg (5.22lbs) - 20.75"

Ask for WETHEPEOPLE at any of our DIG PARTNER STORES worldwide.