Setups: Dan Conway and his FIT Savage

"Half the dudes on Fit are now riding one"

2 Jun 2015

Dan Conway fullbike CM

Words by Dan Conway Photos by Chris Marshall

Dan Conway p2 CM

"Being outside is the best, I work landscaping for my 9-5 and usually work in all types of weather. Now that winter is long gone, I have recovered from my shoulder surgery, and the good weather is among us... It feels great to get back out and ride street. I've been filming as much as I can to have a little something in the Daily Grind 'Hard Times' DVD. Spending a weekend with those guys made me feel like I was on a Stink Pit trip with all my closest friends. The DG dudes rule and I am stoked to be able to have a part alongside some heavy hitters.

Dan Conway nipplewhip CM

What you can't see in the photos here is the awesome storm door setup we were filming on for the DVD. My chain was giving me shit, and causing me to stress the move I was trying so I decided to just take a walk away from it all. Luckily Zack Gerber was eager to get me rolling again so when i took a break Gerber got my bike all dialled in and told me to give it a few more goes before I got my move. Other than my chain bumming me out I have been real stoked on my ride lately. I usually rode a bike that was pretty beat up and always seemed to be making some foreign noises, but not anymore. My signature frame is tall and steep and great for street riding. I love it! and I can't thank Fit enough for making it happen. The frame isn't just made to be a 'street' frame though. Half the dudes on Fit are now riding a Savage, so it's been holding up to guys like, Van, Justin Spreit, and Swafford. They all ride different types of shit, so I was stoked to hear that they all were feeling it. Honestly I'm truly thankful for anyone out there who is riding any of the Savage products Fit has made. Between some of the DG dudes, most of all the Stink Pit dudes and the guys on Fit riding the frame and products, I'd say the Savage is definitely built to shred anything. Thanks guys!" - Dan Conway

Dan Conway Bars CM
Dan Conway driveshaft CM

Frame: Fit Savage 21.5

Bars: Fit Savage

Grips: Fit Savage

Stem: Original Animal Jump Off

Seat/post: Fit Barstool

Forks: Fit Fk

Cranks: Fit 2piece 24mm

Pedals: Fit mac

Sprocket: 25 t Fit key guard spline drive

Pegs: DG eon

Front wheel: DG city hub, DG gaurds

Back wheel: DG coaster (proto), DG infinity gaurd

Tires: Fit FAF

Special thanks to our DIG partners

Dan Conway Seat CM
Dan Conway toptube CM