SETUPS: Dan Kruk's 2020 WETHEPEOPLE Network

"The short rear-end was something I really wanted"

3 Jun 2020

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 5

Photos & Interview: Wes McGrath

It's May 2020 and even though the world seems to be at a stand still, the innovation of industry within BMX never seems to quit. Companies keep creating and riders keep on riding! So you can expect individuals such as, Dan Kruk, to keep pressing forward and expanding his Network.

As Dan's roommate, I have seen him run so many different colored bikes over the past few years but In my opinion, this new one is the best yet! His new signature WeThePeople Dan Kruk 'Network' frame, by WeThePeople, comes in Hologram Silver and damn does this thing shine. One thing I admire about Dan, is his ability to constantly innovate his technical bike riding, which is similar to his wild array of bike color choices and bike setup.

I caught up with Dan here in Long Beach just before he headed back to the Midwest to visit family for his birthday. I wanted to bring you a little closer to what his his brand new bike has to offer and to get some insight on what he has been up to this year.

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Dan is known for setting a trend in his front end.

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The new Hologram Silver shines in any light!

Name: Dan Kruk

Age: 26

Hometown: West Allis, Wisconsin.

Current City: Long Beach, California.

Favorite meal to cook?

I like to cook pasta...because it's so easy!

Best time of the day to ride and why?

I like to get out early on the weekends so you have your whole day to ride.

What’s your top 3 go-to videos to watch before a session?

Garrett Reynolds: Deadline

Dakota Roche: Bay Roam

Always Fiending

Music you’re into right now?

I've always been really big on Mac Miller but I do listen to mostly all other genres.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 6

Fully equipped with WeThePeople and Madera parts!

Grips: WTP Hilt XL

Bars: WTP Stallis 9.25", 25.4mm, OS clamping

Stem: WTP Gooseneck 25.4mm OS clamping

Headset: WTP Compact

Fork: WTP Battleship 15mm

Frame: WTP Network 20.8" in Hologram Silver

Pegs: WTP Dill Pickle 4.5"

Front wheel: Madera Pilot Front Hub, Logic Rim

Rear wheel: WTP Helix Freecoaster Hub, Logic Rim

Tires: WTP Feelin' 2.25"

Pedals: WTP Logic Plastic

Cranks: Madera Batam 165mm

Sprocket: Madera Signet Bash 25t

Chain: WTP Supply

Seat: Madera Fat Patch Pivotal

Post: WTP Socket Pivotal with built-in 17mm socket

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 11

WTP Hilt XL grip.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 17

Madera Pilot Front Hub. Logic Rim. WTP Dill Pickle Pegs 4.5".

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 16

WTP Feelin' Tire. Logic Rim.

What makes the NETWORK your signature frame? What were some of the aspects that you really feel make it yours?

The short rear-end was something I really wanted, smaller dropouts that didn’t stick past the peg when slammed, 6mm seat clamp bolt, even the shape of the headtube was something I wanted so it looked different than a battleship

The invest casted wishbone/yoke is pretty special, what’s the idea behind it?

Well when you get that short on a rear-end a lot of little problems can happen like tire and sprocket clearance, by doing the yoke in allowed us to really dial that in and allow up to a 2.5 tire slammed with no issues.

You’re known for having some pretty interesting colour schemes and paint finishes on your bikes. Tell us about this one?

I mean I just like to have a bike that looks awesome you know? Getting complimented on your bike feels good and I think I just get more stoked on a crazy color over having just plain black

You’re riding some sample forks on there, can you tell us about those?

Yeah these are sample Battleship forks in a 15mm offset. Super steep! Feels good for front end tricks. Very responsive.

What are three things on your bike you can’t live without?

Short rear-end, forward bars and plastic pegs.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 18

The new "Yoke/wishbone" design allows for maximum tire clearance up to 2.5".

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 21

WTP Helix Freecoaster Hub. Logic Rim.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 27

Madera Batam 165mm Cranks.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 25

WTP Logic Plastic Pedals. Madera Signet 25t Sprocket.

Since you’ve been riding how many DVD video parts have you filmed?

I’ve filmed for 3 so far and currently working on my 4th section as I type this…

What’s the process of filming for your part in the ‘OUT OF LINE’ video? Are you producing on your own or is it a team trip effort?

I’d say a little of both. Luckily for me the main filmed is my friend Grant and he lives right down the street from me. Team trips are dope cuz all the homies are there to get you stoked but there’s also a lot of specific set ups I’m looking for which makes filming at home awesome too.

How much time have you guys spent on the video so far? Any timeframe in which it will be finished?

We are aiming for a July release for this one and so far it’s been about 2 years I think for filming.

Have you guys been traveling much for ’OUT OF LINE’?

Yeah we took a couple trips, New York, Barcelona and around Cali which is always fun.

Can you talk a little bit about the ‘Cursed’ trip to Barcelona?

That last trip to BCN was rough. Felix got hurt, dill got the virus from a raw burger, Jordan got hurt before the trip even started and Grant also got the Rona and couldn’t come on the trip. I was the only healthy one there but we all had a great time and rode awesome spots.

Digbmx Dan Kruk Wtp Network 1

Dan's new Network is ready for the streets!

What have you been up to during quarantine? Do you think this will affect your riding at all, how are you maintaining?

I still have been riding just as much as usual. Where I live it was never illegal to ride your bike so that has helped out a lot. Schools and businesses have been closed so that has made it a little easier as well.

Any thanks you’d like to give or words of advice to the people out there?

Thanks to Wes McGrath for this interview, my friends, my sponsors and to anyone who is reading this! Be on the look out for the WTP Out Of Line DVD soon!

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