A look into the Denver shredder's sled

26 Apr 2023

Camacho DAN a w bike

Photos by Eddie Welsh (@ep_ed)

Denver, Colorado native and street shredder Daniel Camacho was kind enough to send us a full breakdown of his Subrosa whip that's kitted out with Shadow parts, and tuned in at Pusher BMX.

Camacho DAN b bike


Daniel Camacho (@ddcmach07)




Denver, Colorado


Pusher BMX, Subrosa Brand, The Shadow Conspiracy

Camacho Crook
Camacho DAN d grip
Camacho DAN e stem

Frame: Subrosa OM V2, 20.5” (Black)

Fork: Shadow Finest, 25mm (Chrome)

Handlebars: Shadow Crow Bar, 8.7” (Black)

Stem: Subrosa Rose (Black)

Grips: Shadow Ol Dirty Grip DCR (Black)

Headset: Shadow Stacked (Black)

Cranks: Shadow Finest, 160mm (Black)

Pedals: Shadow Ravager (Black)

Seat: Shadow Crow’d Pivotal Mid (Black)

Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal

Bottom Bracket: Shadow Stacked, 22mm (Black)

Sprocket: Subrosa BCN, 25t (Black)

Chain: Shadow Interlock 1/8” V2 (Black)

Pegs: Shadow S.O.D

Tires: Shadow Strada Nuova LP (Black)

Front Wheel: Shadow Symbol (Black)

Rear Wheel: Shadow Optimized (Black)

Footwear: Vans BMX Slip-ons (Black)

Camacho DAN g front wheel
Camacho DAN i cranks

When did you start riding?

2012. I skated first but the progression was very slow. I was impressed by all the bikers at the park and I always wanted to try it. One of my skate friends rolled his ankle and his parents bought him a tan colored Series 1 Aitken complete. After he got better the bike just sat in his basement. I kept bugging him until I finally convinced him to let me try it. He ended up giving me the bike and I haven’t put it down since. Big thank you to Luis!

Favorite video part of the past year?

Dustin Arp in Aangles. His peg combos, X-grinds, rail game, focus and motivation all in his mid 30’s was amazing to watch and witness. Also when I first picked up a camera both Dustin and Scott Marceau were there to answer all of my questions, so anything they put out I’m very hyped on!!

Favorite video part ever?

Simone Barraco X DIG 2017. The trick and spot selection matched with Peter Adam’s filming and editing was a real treat.

How would you describe your personal bike setup?

Compact, responsive and dialed. PUSHER is the best place for Denver BMX maintenance. Working at the shop I’ve learned how to take care of my bike all thanks to best twenty-inch mechanics Preston, Mike, and Clay for showing me!

Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

Handlebars to start. I cut them down to 27" wide and stay with a more traditional height at 8.7”. Small cranks to help with hops and spins, plastic hub guards, wheels trued, 50-60 psi, and the rear wheel pulled back a bit. Simple colors like black or chrome to top it all off.

Camacho DAN l peg
Camacho DAN j pedal

What parts do you ride the longest?

Seat post, and my grips until they completely rip. I’ve also been on the same wheels for over a year now. I try and replace the main parts such as the frame, forks and bars every 6-9 months.

Any special mods or things you do when building up a new setup?

Besides cutting the bars down, I like my seat post a little high, and max slack on my coaster to avoid any back pedaling.

What have you got planned for this year riding wise? What’s next?

We have a few creative jams and events planned for the scene this year. Filming and riding as much as I can too. Besides that we have our Pusher Mountain Trip coming up, thats always a summer highlight. I’ve also been working on video parts for my boys Devin Burks (@masterchefdev) & Adrian Varela (@adrianvarelaaa) that should be out here soon!!

Camacho DAN n rear wheel
Camacho DAN k logos
Camacho smith 180 ps